Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It Takes A Village...

.... of anti-immigration reform supporters to smear a man's reputation. Yesterday's AJC article featuring the passionate and controversial (funny how those two are never seen without each other) D.A. King made sure to hint loudly that he was a white supremist.

D.A. King is not a white supremist. I know NPR-regular-pledger types (yeah, all those bed-wetting liberals that talk-show hosts get rich from by inciting the feeble-minded masses to foam at the mouth about) who have heard and support his message challenging action and reform on illegal (key word there, folks) immigration. As I said in Peach Pundit and I'll say it again here:

"Inflaming illegals and their (primarily student) supporters to protest, as many are doing all across the country now, is one thing.

So is resorting to smearing D.A. King’s mission by suggesting he’s a white supremist, as some people interviewed for the AJC article clearly set out to do. King is by no means a white supremist. I know socialist-minded NPR-listeners who have heard his message and support him.

But what about our family, friends and obnoxious neighbors who are making money hand over fist by employing illegals for their construction sites, work crews, etc.? (Hell, illegals built/build this city, not rock and roll, but I diverge…)

Those kind of cul-de-sac Republicans would be the first to NOT do anything at all about immigration reform. They just look the other way and send them back to Buford Highway where the illegals are suddenly able to magically aquire all the right paperwork to get back on the job - fast too.

Wink, nod, phoney papers, cash flows in. Everybody’s happy, right?"

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