Thursday, March 02, 2006

Love Your Power Trip, Grrl Fren!

Who's the scariest woman in the state? (And no, it's not Nancy Schaefer, although she's way up there at the top of the list. Just take a look at her handiwork, the fascist Fundy scripture she crafted in SB 429. But I diverge...)

I think the winner in the Scariest Georgia Gal 2006 pageant is Sally Yates.

I'm beginning to think the whole Campbell trial really calls into question Yates' motivations, and when Ummm Ummm Campbell (and others) cry-to-the-sky that she is bringing down the whole force and wrath of the U.S. government on one 'lil bitty 'ole innocent head for personal revenge, complete with all the truly frightening law enforcement tentacles of our beloved government, he's got an old and valid point.

Sally's husband, Comer, was defeated by the true Mouth of The South, Cynthia McKinney, back in the mid-90s. McKinney's most vocal and visible supporter at the time: then-Mayor C. (More about this cultural phenomena in my blog entry after attending Yates' esteemed father-in-law's funeral here.)

Yates obviously clawed her way to the teetering top of the heap, and is, for her efforts, one of the most powerful women in the country, not just the ATL. But she married into her good name. I wonder what people really think of her.

See why you gotta love this trial, folks! This is old, Old South stuff going on here: the white elite musterin' (still considerable) forces against the (once) new black power structure. Race does play a part, and anyone who says race is irrelevant to ground-shakingly powerful circumstances of the world today is an utter fool.


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