Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Culture Swoon

I can't even see straight I'm so deep into this pop culture apex: Tina Brown on Princess Diana. Brown's book, The Diana Chronicles, is out soon. I'm positively stupid with anticipation. Get me to a B&N quick! NPR's interview with The Right Reverend Culture Mistress (Brown) on the most dazzling pop culture icon ever (Diana) is here. More yummy online goodies such as a book excerpt are there too.

As if that wasn't enough, Jim Long's "new media style" MSNBC package about how to cover Pentagon global photo ops in seven days is here. I gotta ask... the package is tons of fun, but it really points to the elephant in the room: where's the beef? All that network money for a bunch of glamor video shots of Sect. Gates? Where were the live bloggers with the real news? HINT: on Twitter, maybe?!

NOTE TO SELF: Get better highlights. Pay out the ass for 'em if you have to. Buy hair gloss too.

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newmediajim said...

Grayson, you raise an interesting point. There wasn't much there...there. Having said that, because we're at war(s), the nets vote on whether to send a pool crew on these trips (SECSTATE too). Since he was visiting Afghanistan, they voted yes. If something happened that the Secretary go on the record about, we'd be there to cover it. So I guess it's kind of a fire department kind of thing.

I LOVE the new look of your blog!