Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Election Day In The 10th. Draft Wyc Orr!

Is the thought of checking a box next to a Dale Cardwell or a Vernon Jones just not doing it for you as the Democratic U.S. Senate choice from Georgia in '08 -- to challenge Saxby Chambliss? Hopefully you'll have a chance to check for Wyc Orr, a prominent N. Georgia Dem lawyer and former State House Rep.

Jon Flack, founder of the comprehensive GA political blog, Tondee's Tavern (and my sometime partner in Internets communication crimes; he pops up here, in white shirt, and in this video here) has started a Draft Wyc Orr for U.S. Senate campaign. Mainstream media has already taken notice. You can sign the draft Orr petition here.

Jon is one of those amazingly rare types who does not mess around; dude just gets 'r done -- with minimal lip flappage. And he seeks opinion and input from those around him to make any effort of his even that much better. I can easily picture Jon in Washington one day. He'd be an terrific communications person, Chief of Staff-type for any Georgia politician. They'd be lucky to have him.

On the matter of Wyc (Where do our GA politicos get these names: Wyc, Saxby, Newt??? Jeez.)... while messing with live streaming of the North Georgia Democrats' For The People Rally recently, Orr's fiery, booming rhetoric jumped through even the techno cluster-fuck I was totally immersed in at the time. The guy has all the makings of a genuine leader with a genuine message and mission. He makes Vernon and Dale look like school boys by comparison.

Orr seems he could be a formidable challenge to the spectacularly unspectacular Saxby, too. I look forward to getting to know this possible Democratic candidate, and possibly helping do some Internets for him too.

If you're in the 10th, go vote today. For James Marlow. Run James run! Win James win!


Esteban said...

I know I'm reading the wisdom of a particularly sharp wit when I see the word "internets" used twice in the same blog post.

Grayson said...

Oh yepper! That's me. Always take my cues from our Commanders in Chiefs.

Don Thieme said...

It looks like Marlow will be in a runoff with Whitehead. It seems absurd to me, though, that it could very easily have wound up being a runoff between Whitehead and Broun instead.

I actually voted for Denise Freeman, who is closing in on Whitehead for third place here in Athens.