Friday, June 08, 2007

Seeds and Stems for June 8, 2007

1.) I liked moderating. I really did.

2.) Amber's APC Flickr stream from last night's event is here.

3.) The head of the German Newspaper Publishers Association says only real journalists can commit real journalism. Such amazing dino-speak makes me think of someone telling Amber only professional strippers can pole dance. That story here from BuzzMachine. (Or straight from the ass' mouth if you read German.)

4.) Take Grift's little quickie quiz to find out if you've got that traditional journalist right stuff. Results may shock you.

5.) Mark your calendar for old Atlanta fogey reunion show, for a good cause: a variety of (thoroughly grey) Atlanta musicians, including Jeff Calder and Bob Elsey of The Swimming Pool Qs and Tom Gray of Delta Moon and formerly of The Brains, will perform at the Mark Richardson Memorial Benefit Concert Saturday, June 16, at Club 29 in Decatur, with proceeds going to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. (Peruse photos here for ideas on what to wear.)

6.) Oddly enough, we survived, even flourished, in this first week on our own.

7.) More than the word "nosh" I think I hate "HuffPo" even more. If that's possible.

8.) Jim Whitehead spent $327,046.59 on what? Keeping his mouth shut?

1 comment:

Reece said...

Thanks for the back handed plug for
the "fogey" Mark Richardson benefit
bringing out some of Atlanta's most
successful and seasoned musicians to celebrate an accomplished,
deceased producer - to raise money to help children with cancer, the
disease which killed him prematurely, if age 49 isn't too old for you to consider someone a valid musician.
I hope when you're Spacey "Graysey" and at the peak of your so-called talent, you won't have pseudo know-it-alls, making fun of your age.
Guess what Spacey? You're gonna get gray too, and God willing, your decades of work will make you the best you've ever been at what you do.

I hope at that moment someone dismisses you outright as a "fogey".
Please get some class.
Respect the accomplished in Rock.
Some of them are quite skilled, knowledgeable, powerfully creative, and wise about what they
It doesn't help to have lived through it all, and then be
dismissed by some ageist, narrow-minded person.
Good luck getting old.
Hope you're still standing when your time comes.
And ,shocker, it will.
Respect dear. That would be nice. And since you haven't been paying attention, I can assure you,
It's been EARNED.

It was a night of great music from great musicians of all ages.
PS - Good music is ageless.