Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why We Heart The WWW. Reason #7692

Jesus might have died to save us from our sins, but Al Gore invented the Internets so that site like this one, A Legal Tabloid, can now exist for pleasuring us little peoples. Their subsite, Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, which evaluates the marriage announcements, found exclusively in the NYT's infamous society Weddings section, of attorneys betrothing to other attorneys, is sheer clever clever clever fun at its snarky-delicious finest. Frighteningly delicious lines of withering copy such as this abound:
Although Eve and Richard have apparently eschewed kitchen-related wedding booty, Google reveals that you can make a donation in the couple's honor to MassEquality, an organization working for marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples. (Isn't that a bit like joining Augusta National and asking your friends to make a commemorative donation to NOW? We're just sayin' -- we can think of more impressive displays of commitment to the cause.) rates the happy, over-achieving couples by which associate is obviously marrying up and which one is really marrying down, according to not only their pedigrees, but their law degrees. You don't even have to be Jewish, or a lawyer, or even a Jewish lawyer to appreciate the fun to be had.

Site comes complete with happy couples' gift registry links, and even takes you to the very homepage for certain select couples' personal wedding planning sites. They've thought of everything at -- so you don't have to. Right down to the finest detail of the wedding announcement for the ATL's precious TB lawyer, Andrew Speaker. (Guess that "extended" European honeymoon got a little de-extended, eh?!)

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Sara said...

ATL is run by David Lat, former snarkalicious editor of Wonkette and before that blogged icognito as Article III Groupie at Underneath their Robes. It can be boring, but the wedding watch is definitely one of the high spots.