Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eighties Style

Jim Long's 80's hair (see Twitter) inspired me.

Above: with my dearly beloved Daze

Above: Hanging at Cath's. When our 1st lives were as good as any 2nd.

Above: off to Six Flags, 1983


KB Herself said...

You, my dear, are oh, so, brave. All of my 80's hair/fashion photos are carefully buried so as to never again see the light of day. You were "Desperately Seeking Susan" fabulous!

Amber said...

Those photos are awesome!

Sara said...

Oh my lord.

I have a box of photos at home, and a scanner. But I'm scared to show the world the hairsprayed wave of bangs that were the late 80s/early 90s for me. It's funny, I used to use SO much hairspray every day and now I use it maybe once a month if that.

I also have some lovely pictures of me in Z Cavaricci's. Oh yeah baby.

Amber said...

Did you tight-roll your jeans?

Sara said...

I don't think so, because from about age 12 I was so tall that my jeans were never long enough to roll much. But I had one of those outfits that looked like harem pants and a cropped jacket that was popular when MC Hammer wore it. Yeah, that was an unfortunate look.

Timmy said...

Oh, wow. Wow.