Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AJC Brings Home Pulitzer Gold

Congratulations to the AJC's Pulitzer Prize winners! Will they lead and inspire us then be booted out the door for their efforts? Hard to say. But rest assured, we'll be tuned to all the drama still to come.

I began writing essays and commentary about ten years ago, because the work of several women commentator-journalists, editorialists, authors and broadcasters led me to have a go at it. I'd read and watched their work for years, then had me one of those Well hell, I could do that too moments.

The Top Five for me was always, in no particular order: Bailey White, Susan Stamberg, Cokie Roberts, Eleanor Cliff and Cynthia Tucker. Right now I'm so proud of Miss Cindy Tee I'm about to burst. She'd no doubt cringe at the thought, but I don't care.

The blogosphere wasn't created in a vacuum, so HTs all around to the women journalists who have blazed a true path for the rest of us.

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