Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome To The Blogosphere!

Oh dear. If I wasn't such a bitter, shrivel-hearted, cynical, little hate-monkey, I'd about start crying right now. There are times when booze is sent directly from God to sooth the savage in writers, although of course we know it mostly inflames it to ludicrous proportions, but whatever... I just hope there can be some comfort found somewhere, bottom of a bottle, EAYC, friend's really nice beach house, that sorta thing, for these good folk. Whatever it takes.

I might have to drink some for you, AJC. You deserve to see me toasted for all the pain you're being put through right now. Damn. Damn. Damn. This is truly ugly.

If it'll help some, just contact the SGR and I'll write-up really nasty, particularly vile and whiny entries about Jule-ee-uggghhh, or She Who Must Not Be Named, or heck, whoever you guys want! And you can just leave all the ugly comments you want here too, if you feel you need to just vent a little.

The blogged word is powerful... you too will see. In time of course. Right now, just have another round. Let it out.

Bless their hearts...

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