Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Gatekeepers Are Gone. Sing Halleluia!

Jeff Pulver reflects on his live Internet show yesterday:
So the innovation here is the ease-of-use associated with creating a new TV show where you no longer need anyone's permission to be live on the net. makes this a reality in 5 minutes or less. No longer does a show have to get green lighted in order to be seen. The gatekeepers are gone. It is now up to each and every show producer to fine their audience, service their audience and grow their audience from the ground up.

Full post here. As I mentioned on my call-in, this hour-long live production was easily the least stressful live environment I've ever been in. The tension alone created by a massive (and it's always "massive") old media effort to do anything live could fuel Atlanta's horrendous traffic conditions for days.

I know I could really thrive and flourish in a live broadcasting world where one is NOT perpetually being screamed at by droves of bosses and suits over an earpiece from some DC/NYC headquarters to make it all happen as that magic, live second approaches.

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