Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ATL Web 2.0 Peeps - I Need Your Help!

Homies... Jim Long had a terrific idea: broadcast the Inman Park Parade live on Saturday (from Sas and Pauline's hot yellow Corvette-For-A-Day) over or! It's such a visually-rich event too, and we can make a little ATL-based broadcasting his & herstory at the same time.

To make this happen, we'd need a video-enabled (3G) phone, and an operator for it. Info on those kinda phones here. I'll have my hands full with ridin' and wavin', minding kids and trying to keep my wig on straight. Publicizing the broadcast too.

Anyone out there who can participate, and has the cool toys to do so, get in touch with me at spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net.

Let's have some serious 2.0 fun with this parade on Saturday at 2pm!

BONUS: Pulver live on right now for some live inspiration should you need some of that!


Shelby said...

Wait, what? What kind of phone? Are you telling me there are phones (and carriers) in the United States that will stream video? Is this why you're talking about Swedes? I'm sorry, I must be on crazy pills.

Grayson said...

Check out they have a list of compatible phones. You go live right from web enabled phone.