Friday, April 20, 2007

Beach Party Tonight

Yeah, well being Atlanta and the end of the General Assemmlee and the 5th anniversary of Being Amber Rhea, I've a feelin' the party will be the Redneck Literati Assisted Living Home (Manuel's) tonight and, sadly, not on some beach.

This post put together by, uh, somekindacountryfuckweirdshit. And it's not even 10am. Can't say I've EVER had the slightest urge to listen to the Violent Femmes since, say, 1984 or so. But there's something kinda harmonic strangeness afoot. Gonna go dig through the stacks, rest, and brush-up on those pagan rituals.

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Amber said...

Oh god, are they going to be at Manuel's tonight too? This should be even more interesting than I'd originally thought!

Also, note to all who don't know: Manuel's has wifi.