Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Obama or Edwards? Look To Their Vids

Obama is as flimsy as a sugary confection. Just pumped up with pretty, lite, nothing much, generic rhetoric. "The Seinfeld Campaign"-- as this dude says here. Like some kinda "lifestyle coach"... whatever the f that is.

Now Edwards on the other hand, that dude can lay it out a lot thicker, richer, and deeper. Sign that damn union card! With a rebel yell almost. Watch here. (BONUS PRODUCTION NOTE: vid-bloggers, hear how critical good audio is to this otherwise very simple clip. It's the audio, stupid. Me being the biggest stupid with audio sometimes.)

And keep a bookmark on PrezVid, my guru Jarvis' pet political project. Yes, all media bloggers need a political project we can lean on. Marlow might just be the one for me.

Now of course I gotta go see this. Hate when I remind myself of oldies I (secretly) loved. Shhhh... don't tell. (And yeah, we used to actually dress like that. Some of us.)

Quick-Mix suggestion: Run the "Rebel Yell" track under the Edwards' union hall speech for an extra power hit.


newmediajim said...

oh yes, some of us DID in fact dress like that! one day I may have to share old pics with you.

Shelby said...

Yeah yeah, 'cause Edwards is the only one who can get fired up about labor! :-P

Grayson said...

NMJ: Fire up that scanner! Shelbinator: lol!