Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meet The New Boss

Nothing like the old boss, either. I'm convinced we'll all be working for Amani one day, especially if he was to get together with Amber and Rusty. Shoot, as a company they'd have that James Cox Kennedy dude and all the rest of those Cox nespots sellin'-off their PJs right and left!

Amani just gets it. He's so good, heck he's Web 3.0. Not only does he manage to beat Cox Enterprises to the turn-around-the-product punch, he slips in handy video production tips at just the right places. (Unless you're Mark Winne, never go barging into any place of business with "cameras blazing," as Amani mentions. That's a very basic video etiquette tip to live and work by, for you citizen journalism newbies and wannabees.)

Thank me later and enjoy.

Funny, those AJC reporters and editors seem to be popping-up on indie Atlanta blogs everywhere. Are we scheduled for a total indie media convergence here in Cox Country?! My my my...

NOTE: A feature about Amani and MyUrbanReport is due out in the old school (AJC) Thursday. Will link to that when it happens.


griftdrift said...

Well damn am I feeling a bit inadequate. That's awesome Amani.

Grayson said...

Grift: I doubt there's anyone in this town would make a Web 2.0 move without you along for the ride... to grip. Gripe? Write? Rant?

All of the above preferably!

A.man.I aka The Urban Reporter said...

Thanks for the love Grayson... While the article gets reviewed by editors who are of course scrutinizing the newsworthiness... us bloggers already broke the story... ha!