Friday, April 13, 2007

Gee Grayson, How's YOUR Day Been?

I'm sorry... even I can get really really really frustrated sometimes and feel reduced to playing the "sexism" card. I sent this letter to some media (male) folks today, since they're the ones in charge after all. Am I just getting desperate or what?

Dear ______________:
Last night I was standing in a group of white men over 55; every single man there was being paid to blog/write/blow wind. I was the only one also writing and blogging like my life depended on it, in this rather established, Atlanta-based media elite cabal with:

a.) a vagina
b.) no paycheck

And for chrissake… I even video blog too! I’m really trying very hard not to get too discouraged or too desperate here, but I sure hope you at _____________ will add my blog to your blog roll. Any crumbs from the white male media power structure you can toss my way would be GREATLY appreciated.


Seriously, it was so bad now that I think about it, I'm acting like a total girl and almost crying.


possum said...

They're just ugly old honkies. That's not such a great thing to be.


Ugly Old Honkie

Amber said...

Hint: It's not "playing the sexism card." That's what sexist folks who're highly protective of their sexism say to effectively silence people who point out discrepancies. It's a legitimate concern, and it IS a big deal.

Grayson said...

I'd be ugly anything, long as I had my hands on some cold hard cash!

Mike Schinkel said...

Hey, it's not sexism, its ageism. You're just not yet over 55... (Hoo boy can't you just wait! ;-)

Timmy said...

Use your girl power!