Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let's Play Masonic Trivia!

My kid's school was, rather obviously, built by Masons. Proud MF-ers aren't they? Plaques and cornerstones to themselves all over the place. They've likely buried odes and poems to their greatest in the walls somewhere.

The school building is 90-years old this year. While I understand A - D - AUG - 1927, can anyone tell me what A - L - 5927 is all about?


griftdrift said...

Jewish calendar maybe?

Sara said...

The Masons apparently use the "Anno Lucius" calendar. Because they're special.


Widow's Son said...

It's been a Masonic tradition for hundreds of years to, if requested, perform a cornerstone dedication ceremony for public buildings. It's sort of a "blessing" they do, asking the Great Architect of the Universe (you know him as "God") to watch over the building and the people who will use it.

During the ritual, corn, oil and wine are poured upon the cornerstone.

A.L. designates the Year of Light. It is meant to reflect the 4000 years of human history before Christ, and is based on the Christian belief that the world was created in 4004 B.C. (I have no idea why they add 4000 years instead of 4004.)

For more infortmation see "Masonic Cornerstone-laying Ceremony: What Does it Mean?"

Widow's Son