Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who's Acting Now?

This is sooooo, uh, old school politics, masquerading as new. Trying not to giggle too much. You can supply your own expletives.


NP said...

Not sure I follow what your problem with Towery's vlog is. It was pretty informative and included some fairly bold opinion and he's got enough expertise to think his opinions might be worth listening to (like whether Gingrich is in or not).

What's the problem? Is he not cool enough to join the "new media" clique?

Grayson said...

Just put it out there and let the people decide. But yeah, he's so amazingly uncool, he might just be cool again!

NP said...

Screw cool. How bout authentic? This guy isn't posing as anything. He is what he is and he's got interesting information ("content"!) to share.

You're being needlessly elitist. Why not welcome him to the conversation?

Grayson said...

As stupid and rude and crude and ugly and downright literal and boring as people can always be, I've yet to EVER tell anyone here on the SGR to F-off. But ya know, I'm getting really close to doing that now with you!

NP said...

Sorry to offend - didn't mean to. Just challenging your thinking just a bit. Not sure why that would mean I get the finger and no productive discourse.


VictoratGaImproper said...

At the risk of my new friend Grayson whacking me over the head with a frying pan, while others gather my scattered teeth for their own personal use; at this neophyte juncture in my new media exploration, i must observe that the current incarnation of old media seems to put more emphasis on issues and the current genre of new media seems to be weighted heavily on talking about itself. I'm guilty of both. And both are maybe necessary for a healthy co-mingled society. But i reseve the right to change my opinion on a swivets notice.

Victor Jones
Macon, Georgia