Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life During Wartime

Jim Long, network camera-slinger, often mentioned here on the SGR as a mentor, new best friend, and all around wild and wacky dude, has been on the VT massacre scene since the get-go. He's been Twittering comments throughout the crisis, but now surfaces from the chaos long enough to post this blog entry about covering the aftermath at the point of media contact -- a total new/old media convergence, in the midst of the expected clusterfuck.

BONUS FEATURE: Jim tempts Rosenblum into yet another of their now-infamous, new media pissing matches! Who will survive the Sat. Truck Wars??? Tune-in to the SGR to keep up with all the Web 2.0 drama and excitement of everyday life in the new wild, wild west!

Photo credit: Jim Long


Rosenblum said...

what's a PJ?

Grayson said...

Private Jet. Acronym popularized by the delightful Plum Sykes, Vogue contributor and author, in her latest delightful novel, Bergdorf Blonds:

Ask any woman there on Madison Avenue or at the NYT fashion desk. They'll know ALL about 'em!

And what I wouldn't give to live-blog Fashion Week! Think you can ask anyone around the Times if I could do that little chore for 'em next season? Style Channel? W? Oprah Channel? (She does have a MSM channel by now, right?)

philip said...

I'm sure it's exciting and all ("the contact high of adrenaline") for reporters, camera operators and the rest to be there, live on the scene, in the midst of the action.

But don't you think it's high time for the journalists to get the hell off the VT campus and give those kids a fighting chance to recover, emotionally?

How are the students, professors and the rest going to do that with cameras and reporters around 24/7, as reminders of the murders that took place on their campus?

Tomorrow is day five: Will the media clear out? If not, will the university do the right thing for their people, and send the media home?

Then again, I'm sure the media folks there have already
"agonized" over this decision and they've decided to do what they think is best for their viewers.

Snicker. That decision is all about ratings, just like the one that NBC made to air the contents of the package they received from loserboy.