Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Totally ROFL-able

Ugly Bobby is on fire lately! This line alone just set me to a'howlin': "John Mayer. Sheryl Crow once removed. Like I'm supposed to believe in the guy fucking Jessica Simpson."

Full enchilada of the plain ugly truth here. (Something weird with WordPress though.)

OH HURL ME GOOD: Lois Reitzes kicks off her panties, and the morning, with yet another... marchy thingee for Second Cup. Gawd... she, not Boortz, outta be hauled before the FCC for aesthetic corruption of OUR public airways.

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possum said...

Thank God!

I have written a WABE rap:

That Classical Music Ho
Da bitch has really got to go
Getting down with John Phillip Sousa
Bitch make me want to go booza
Always beggin fo money
Dat bitch ain't gone be my honey!