Monday, December 04, 2006

Atlantic Station Too "Mixed Use?"

Someone remarked that Atlantic Station was headed the way of Underground Atlanta. I took that to be some kind of urban code for "too many black people are hanging out at Atlantic Station, so sooner or later they will start shooting each other up, and white people will abandon the whole thing as will anyone with any sense."

Having been to Atlantic Station several times, I haven't noticed anything but a horde of overly-processed fashion victims and tarted-up yuppies of every flavor. Once, at a date-night (weekend) movie time, about 9pm, there was a family bringing small children into an adult movie.

But other than that, I can't say Atlantic Station is anything remotely like Underground. Atlantic Station doesn't have nightclubs that stay open until 4am either, as Buckhead once did, so there won't be a lot of black folks shooting each other up at closing time.

Besides, Sam Massell and his posse went in there and cleaned-up that Buckhead town anyway. All you white folks can spend your hard-earned money in hermetically-sealed peace now.

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