Sunday, December 03, 2006

Don't Expect Much In The Collection Plate This Christmas

So my church is offering an Adult Education session, a Sunday school class essentially, where you sit around and talk about finding God "in the news." What made me snort out loud in the pew today while reading a description of the class in the weekly bulletin is that they are using the New York Times for the discussion, not the AJC, as they've given the class the absurd-surrealistic title of "Praying The New York Times."

What a smack to the hometown paper fer sure, considering there are assorted Cox offspring present in these particular pews on any given Sunday. Wonder for how long after that little item! Hilarious. Maybe they should try incorporating blogs instead.

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rheta said...

So here's my question: Did the church decide to use the Times because more parishioners read it than read the AJC or because the Times has better content than the AJC?