Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Lola

Lo turns seven. There really isn't any cliche too worn with overuse that won't fit how fast they grow up in front of your eyes. Blink and you miss something. And indulge me as I post a newborn shot (of Ava, who will be seven soon too) since it truly is hard to recall they were ever this tiny or this helpless .

Certainly not at all believable when they're screaming "I am NOT going to take a bath NOW or EVER" at you from out in the yard, and you throw up the window and yell back, "Oh, hell yeah you are Missy, and right now too." And then you realize at least six neighbors are gathered out there too. Ahhh... urban condo living.

Did those Pat The Bunny moments even happen at all? I think so, but there's homework now and already things like "March right back up there, young lady, and take that makeup off." Childhood really is just a beautiful dream... sigh...

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Tania Rochelle said...

I beg Lo to wear some lipstick.