Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Extreme Prisoner

I once visited a relative in a Navy brig (Hey, I'm a Southerner. If you've never visited a relative in a jail then you're either a.) not a Southerner or b.) not an authentic one) while that Jodie Foster freak Hinckley was a fellow inmate (of the person I was visiting).

Security at that time, at that brig, 1981, with a live Presidential assassin right there in it was nothing remotely like the security measures taken on behalf of this one suspected "enemy combatant." Nothing. Not even close. I doubt this dude's getting a whole lot of family in to visit with boxes of fried chicken and cigarettes to hold him over to the next visit either.

Maybe for a good Christmas deed we could visit someone, anyone, in jail? Not a pleasant thought I know, but it's the kinda thing Jesus really would have done. At least pray for someone, like this "enemy combatant" rotting away there at the Charleston brig?

My dad remembers going to look at the Germans held at the Shaw AFB WWII prison camps when he was a boy in Sumter, SC. He said the POWs were treated very well, and lived out the war in comfort and physical ease. My have times changed.

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Possum said...

Jose Padilla is an idiot. He's mentally ill. He's being treated like this so the he-men of the Bush Administration can feel gallant and manly. They're third-grade bullies.