Saturday, December 09, 2006

Raid On The Sex Industry Video

"I do nothing. I just stop by."

Here's the video of how one of the Clayton County massage parlor raids went down yesterday, from Channel Two's longtime investigative/crime reporter, the always captivating Mark Winne.

That dude gets to ride along on all the best stories! The cops trust him, and he can weave an exciting story with a moment's notice since he knows ALL the players, a story crammed full of the wackiest Carl Heisen-esque characters: good guys, bad guys, really bad guys, good cops, bad cops, ICE, GBI, FBI, CIA, ATF, BFE, any and all assorted Feds, rouges, rascals, impresarios, thieves, hustlers, judges, lawyers, whores, crack-heads, you-name-it...

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