Friday, December 01, 2006

Does Shirley Really Read Red State (The Blog)?

Just in time for the holidays, think Edelman -- the gift that keeps on giving. The City of Atlanta has. Edelman pops up to manipulate everything everywhere! Sprinkling PR fairy dust in their wake. Kinda like bloggers. Too bad they are just floggers. Technorati does biz with 'em, too. Why not join the flog party?!

Atlanta government is using Edelman (pro bono, see UPDATE below) to promote a city initiative to end child prostitution. Do we really want a PR company that specializes in creating and disseminating phony information to get mixed-up in the deadly serious, city government business of eliminating crimes against children?

I'm sure they are kings of the best propoganda money can buy (Edelman VP Michael Krempasky runs the righty, very popular blog, Red State, Shirley hon. Did you know that?), but the Edelman reputation is being paraded through the streets of the blogosphere -- for good reasons too. Will it end up on the block?! Tune-in to the ever-howling blogosphere to find out.

And for chrissake... like Peachtree Screed says, forget glossy PR campaigns! Use the energy and effort to send the johns and perverts and pimps and assorted child sex-crime offenders to Reidsville so they can get what's coming to them. In just the right place.

UPDATE: Someone who worked on the Hidden In Plain View study just let me know that the work done by Edelman for the City of Atlanta's campaign to stop child prostitution was done pro bono. At least no tax-payer dollars were, uh, misplaced that way.

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Amber said...

I had dinner with Red State Mike K. at ConvergeSouth.

That is all. I can say no more.