Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Earl Affirmed By Mammaries and Moms

Do we have to have a boob magazine tell us what to do now? Only a complete loser wouldn't know The Earl was a fucking great club. If it's so great though then why, every time I go there, do I get abandoned by my friend _______ when she takes off to make out with some longhair grease monkey, after she's had a mere two beers, then I get stuck making weird chitchat with that 85-year old barfly who used to scrape road kill for a living while I finish my pint? (Ambulance driver. Know who I'm talking about?) Jeez.

And yes, The Selmanaires are good too. Exceptionally good. Next Big Thing good. (New Year's Eve show at, yes, The Earl. Hot ticket there.) I might be a Buckhead soccer mom, but I still know good music when I hear it, go see it and buy it, too. Always have. Always will. So take that, all you hapless marketeers.

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possum said...

Speaking of The Earl -- Caroline Monroe, the two-time star of True Gritz, has just booked a gig at The Earl on Feb. 18 with the great Charles Walston of Bourbon Dynasty and formerly of The Vidalias.