Monday, December 11, 2006

Free Speech Rampage Rampages On Into The Night

First Newt, now McCain. Lordy, why don't we just put those two on a ticket together and shut down the Internets now? From William K. Wolfrum (Who the f is he? Yet another Libertarian-golf writer type I assume. There's no info on his blog whatsoever, but whoever he is you cannot miss the Scientologists and Chiropractor post. It's begging for caption comments. Hilarious!):
Remember, when they finally pull the plug on the Internet it will be to “save the children” or “fight the terrorists.” And guys like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Mark Steyn will be fighting tooth and nail to help shut down the greatest free-speech technology. And then the pulpit will truly only belong to the select few.
Yep, why share the goodies when you've got 'em all?


wkw said...


Thank you for the kind words. Unless you were being sarcastic. Then screw you. And if you don't really care one way or another and were just looking to bang out a blog entry, then meh.

First, someday I'll put some personal info on my blog. I'm just so darned fascinating, that once I start talking about myself, it all starts to sound like a big lie.

Second, by protecting children from pedophiles (there were no pedophiles pre-Internet, BTW) McCain is truly setting himself up to be the 2008 version of Bob Dole. The Ol' "Hey-I'm-gonna-die-It's-my-turn-to-be-candidate" candidate.




Grayson said...

Me? Sarcastic? That'll be the day. But no, I wasn't being sarcastic about you having a great blog. I don't link to trash, hon. Only in rare cases, and only then to drive my vital messages home.

And take my advice, never waste a moment of this precious life by not tooting your own horn when the op. arise. All the politicians in the world certainly won't do it for you.

All here with the SGR look forward to much more from the likes of you. Now get back to the clubhouse.

Grayson said...

Actually, Bob Dole's very dry wit was the only thing that made TV news election coverage in '04 endurable.