Wednesday, December 06, 2006

B-Partisan Blog Holilday (Christmas?) Party

Red or Blue, pc or not, you gotta love bloggers who throw holiday parties. The boys at Peach Pundit are having a shindig at the new Taco Mac on Piedmont on Thursday the 14th. Details here. Hope I can make it. You too.

Hmmm... which holiday bustier shall I wear? The black or the midnight blue? I just adore having a fashion anxiety to look forward to.

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Amber said...

I need to start putting together a sufficiently risque outfit right this minute. If there's a competition over which of us can provoke the greatest number of scandalized Republican whispering, I want to be the victor!

And Rusty already told them that I'm only coming if I can dance on the Festivus pole. They think I'm joking, but that just shows how much they know.