Friday, December 15, 2006

Best News I've Heard All Year

Hey, Michelle Malkin's goin' to Iraq! Hell yeah! Excellent news. Now set her down outside the Green Zone, roll cams, and put it out on YouTube. What a holiday gift to the lefty blogosphere. Thanks, Eason! From IraqSlogger:
Some of you have asked what's up with IraqSlogger's invitation to send Michelle Malkin to Iraq. It was a serious invitation, she accepted it, she asked if I'd also pay for her to take along Curt of the Flopping Aces blog, I said yes, and now we're working to arrange the trip.

Full story here.

I could so kick her righty ass. Bad. Hell, I could kick most of these blogosphere whimps and whiners, with my eyes closed. After all, I was the generation that de-segregated the South Carolina public school system. Say it with me, the South Carolina public, countryidiotass backwater school system. Talk about kids being the unintended victims of (adult) stupid legislation and good intentions. Jeez... least I know how to beat the crap out of someone if I need to, about the only useful bit of education to come out of that little endeavor if you ask me, which of course, no one did.

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tribalecho said...

Now calm down Gracey. Does this person have liability insurance?
Like your blog. Glad to have found Monroe too, who linked me to you. I think. Or maybe the fabu BFD. Or somewhere else. It can get confusing if you just go with it.