Sunday, July 29, 2007

8 Random Things (About Me)

These are fun. I was tagged by Sherry to post 8 Random Things About Me. Jessica also tagged me the other day with something similar and I've been procrastinating, so here goes:

1.) I still like John Denver songs.

2.) I won a baking contest once.

3.) I took Home Ec. in high school.

4.) I refused to take Typing.

5.) I studied theater in college for two years, but dropped out for lack of stoners in dept. (Or was it lack of talent? I forget.)

6.) My mother's idea of a suitable career for poor relations, we're talking 1970's, was that of nanny. Bless her heart.

7.) I've worn glasses since second grade. And played sports.

8.) I'm a believer in (and practicioner of) natural childbirth. Chances are, I am tougher than you. By choice.

I now tag Tania and Vaspers The Grate.


EHT said...

I love the natural birth thing....I had my daughter at home and loved it....well, as much as you can love the actual process of birthin' a youngin'.

steven edward streight said...

I have been tagged before, in various games, but never got around to it.

However, when Spacey Gracey says jump, I ask "is this high enough?" form my satellite office on Pluto, the Planet (!)

Hence, i obey.