Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Gorilla Ball Ticket!

Here's a perfect time for Atlanta bloggers to ask for, and receive, membership in the Atlanta Press Club 'cause you'll get a free ticket to the annual Gorilla Ball, where embarrassing bloopers and outtakes from local TV stations and CNN are revealed, but for members only. Some of the outtakes are hilarious, and some just take the total piss out of anyone involved.

Attention video bloggers: send the APC your funny outtakes and see if they will include them in the evening's festivities. But warning, you have to be willing, and have the stamina and inner fortitude, to endure peers laughing along WITH you. And yeah, sometimes even AT you. These local news folks have been doing just that, back and forth with one another, for decades. Builds healthy competitive environments and rivalries, all-American stuff like that.

I'm gonna call Andrew Keen right now and see if he'll go as my date. (You got his number Will Hinton?) I feel I need a man I can make goo-goo eyes at all night long, tell him what a strong manly-man writer he is, what an outstanding reputation he holds in the community, and let him know how much I adored his books I'd of course read every bloody boring word of. I'm feel certain that for my efforts he'll no doubt shower me with enduring affection, loads of money, mindblowing sex, and never leave me nor look sideways at another woman. Don't they all?!

Ahhhhhh romance.

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Amber said...

Should we bother coming to the Gorilla Ball? For some reason, the name of it puts me off.