Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Roads (Eventually) Lead Down South

The Penelope Cruz and Bono (or is it P. Diddy?) romance mystery intensifies! And Mikey Stipey knows all I bet. Power up the yacht, or a friend's, and cruise the oceans of love. From that disher-of-excellent-dirt power duo, Rush and Molloy at NYDaily News:

We told you yesterday how Saint-Tropez gossips twittered over Bono and Penelope Cruz's hand-holding on a beach. We cautioned that Cruz is one of a group of friends on Bono's yacht and that his children are aboard. Now comes further word that his wife, Ali, is also on the holiday.

Saturday night, after partying on Diddy's yacht, the happy U2 family left together, debarking with Helena Christensen, Michael Stipe and John Galliano. Our spies did notice that Cruz stayed behind. She was last seen headed toward Diddy's bedroom, with the rap mogul posting a bodyguard on the stairs.

The next day, our witnesses say, Cruz, wearing the same dress as the night before, turnedup with Diddy at Nikki Beach Club. "She looked very tired," said one snitch. "When they said goodbye, Diddy mouthed the words ‘I love you.'" Cruz's rep denies any romance: "Penelope and P. Diddy are very close friends and have been for five years."

Note use above of lower case "twitter" vs. using the upper case. Good not to ever confuse the two.

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