Thursday, July 26, 2007

Seeds and Stems

Let's get started...

1.) NYC artsy scene comes to Atlanta when Danielle Ganek, with her debut novel, Lulu Meets God And Doubts Him, signs copies of this book this evening. Come rub up on Atlanta arterati tonight at:

Fay Gold Gallery

764 Miami Circle
5:00 - 8:00 pm

2.) Has anyone in Atlanta seen Once? I keep hearing about how wonderful it is. Happy ending and everything. Don't know if I could handle all that hankie time, but I almost bought the soundtrack on LP, except the thought of actually purchasing an LP at a full price seemed kinda dopey. Even though I still have a functional turntable and still play some of my eighties faves on it, Lloyd Cole and Aztec Camera, shit like that, I just don't need that much retro-authentic. The movie site sure makes me want to see this though. I sense those red hair and black leather tones all over it.

3.) Amber and Rusty are on What Is Goin' On. Yeah!

4.) One day I'm gonna catch this boy sniffing my panties.

5.) The ChiltonMusic Project is playing Smith's Olde Bar this Monday, July 30th. Yes, they know it's a Monday but all the rowdy funk action starts @ 8PM and done by 9PM. Finally, a live show during the week that doesn't start at midnight. About time.

6.) Bluegrass lovers, here's your not-at-midnight gig: Red Light Cafe on Thursday, August 9th. The Deja Blue Grass Band is "honored, flattered, and humbled to be opening for Cadillac Sky, a red hot newgrass band that just might make you have a religious experience." Deja Blue goes on at 8:00 pm sharp, with Cadillac Sky following at 9:00 pm. (Catch a peek at the Deja Blue banjo player on TrueGritz here.)

7.) Heard from Doug M. in NYC. He's up at 5:30am everyday to catch the D train to Coney Island. I know he'd love hearing from some of his blogger homies 'cause I bet he's just a wee bit homesick. Email address here.

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