Friday, July 27, 2007

Brave Sir Rudy Ran Away!

Cue the wandering minstrels, media blogger/guru Jeff Jarvis has this to say about Republican Internets paranoia:

The latest indication of their (R) fear of the internet is their attempt to fink out on the YouTube/CNN Republican debate. The party line — as we see from Rush and others — is that YouTube is somehow biased. That’s absurd. That would be like the Democrats saying that mail is biased because the Republicans made the first, best use of it. If internet video is biased it is a damned bad sign for the right and mighty strange considering the leading work done in the medium by the conservatives in the UK, France, and Germany. Hugh Hewitt frets that listening to YouTube will open up Republicans to cheap shots. That’s merely convenient paranoia. They’re looking for excuses to stay away from this dance.

Full BuzzMachine blog post here. The Tale of Sir Robin here:

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Beavis said...

The entire news media is a joke, they are all owned and operated and report only what the government wants people to hear.

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