Tuesday, July 17, 2007

YouTube Queen

Wanna impress a bunch of teenage boys? Make 'em a video, of themselves of course, for their YouTube channel. I shot and edited this little number for Drew, and his pal Clayton, while we're all enjoying the hospitality of Drew's mom's (my dear friend Jennie's) Lake Rabun place. They laughed their heads completely off, and must have watched it 6000X already. Talk about an appreciative audience!

My lightening fast skills on Windows Movie Maker wowed 'em so that they now think I'm some kinda techno goddess. Don't anyone dare tell 'em how seriously uncool WMM really is. These boys are serious jocks; they don't need that kind of information.

This shot only on my bashed-up, ancient Sony 3.5 megapixel digi-camera, FYI. Perfect for boating and YouTubing. Under $80 on any electronics auction site.

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Chris Brogan said...

This is SO cool! I'm envious-er because it looks lovely there, but you're right. This really does make up for it. Great video!