Friday, July 20, 2007

Blogging Breaking News

Forget the AJC. To many cooks in that pot. To heck with ESPN. Too fancy-schmancy. Creative Loafing? They wouldn't know multimedia if it bit 'em in the ass, which I think it has even tried to do before. (Long story.) Roadkill-minded local TV news? Gag. A magazine story three weeks from now? Do not make me lose it with snorting.

Atlanta bloggers pretty much own the Genarlow Wilson appeal at the Georgia Supreme Court story today. Click here and here. And keep clicking throughout the day for serious, breaking, comprehensive information for thinking adults.

WSB Radio news? Well maybe, but they do news at your basic 12-year old brain level. Fine for folks like me, and you too maybe.

Citizen journalism in Atlanta turns a curve today. (Hear that Prof. Leonard?) Gawd, I feel like a cheerleader! Gimme an:

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Amber said...

Write a press release and send it to the AJC. ;)