Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Channel 46 Rocks

Atlanta's local news station CBS 46 is doing some darn good, local-minded reporting lately. They came first outta the gate with some hard questions about the dubious distribution of the Genarlow Wilson sex tapes, first blogged about by Grift, then today they fired off a piece about the City of Atlanta Water Dept. billing woes we've been having here in my 'hood, Underwood Hills.

Go 46 go... if I ever remember to turn on the tube to watch local news, CBS 46 will be the one I now turn to, rather than the Monica Kaufman-Pearson-Kaufman-Pearson-Kaufman-you-get-the-point show I've traditionally, but very occasionally, flipped to.

ATL bloggers give 'em two thumbs up!

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