Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Oh my Gawd... how does one wait? The endurance, the ordeal! Four days until Plucky Brit Male Film Fest, otherwise know as The Order of The Phoenix. We've got: Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs (Luscious Lucias Malfoy), Gary Oldman (forever singed onto our hearts as Sid Vicious, of course), David Thewlis, those precious Phelps brothers, and of course, at the risk of sounding like a lecherous old woman, dear Daniel Radcliffe, who will be appearing on Larry King Wednesday night at 9pm. All in one film. Wow. Color me ready to geek the fuck out.


EHT said...

I too am awaiting the bliss of Harry Potter, however, I fear I won't be able to touch the theater with a ten foot pole. I try to stay away from children during the summer. :)

I may wait a bit. I'm anxious to see this latest installment though since I skimmed through the book so long ago.

rheta said...

And please don't forget -

My favorite Eurotrash villian, the incomparable Alan Rickman as Snape

Also Michael Gambon as Dumbledore

While they may lack the eye-candy factor, their voices will make you weak in the knees...

Grayson said...

Awww Jeez. Talk about your Dobbie moment. What a gross omission! That of Mr. Weak-Yo-Knees Rickman/Snape. I'm going to go bash my head into the wall for punishment. Bad Spacey Bad.