Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MSM Visitation

I used to do MSM editorials quite regularly. Not so much since I started blogging, because blogging is simply a more expressive, more freewheeling (my word du jour), more honest medium than the 19th century corset required for mainstream editorial consideration. Of course, lots of people think of blogging as dripping blood on the keyboard for all our knuckle dragging.

Anyways, don't feel like going down the same 'ole same 'ole garden path about blogging vs. MSM. There's a time and place and platform for whatever you need to say nowadays, and that's the good part. Let's focus on that. Here's today's AJC editorial, which is really nothing more than a blog entry cleaned-up for public consumption.

Another Atlanta blogger who excels at this blog-to-MSM process, although his typical blog posts aren't exactly written to inflame the senses, just sensibilities, is Leonard Witt, the go-to guy on citizen journalism issues in his blog, PJNet. Check it out when you can.

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