Monday, November 13, 2006

Caroline's Playing!

Caroline Monroe will be playing Smith's Olde Bar Tuesday night, the 14th. Oh, are you in for a treat! Plain and simple, Caroline wants to be a star. She's got what it takes to do it too, that rare combination of savvy, charisma, determination, guts, a hint of ruthlessness you sense about her, some would call it excellent focus, and oh yeah... The Voice. She's got The Voice. Click on Right Here In My Heart on her MySpace profile and tell me I'm not right after you play that. (Bring your hankie for that one.) Caroline's also a guest singer on a TrueGritz webisode or two. Plus, her daddy sure writes a mean-ass lefty blog, a novel I hear's been wrapped-up after fourteen years in the making, and a seriously twangy song or two, too. What more do you need for a bullet to the top of the charts?!

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