Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's The Fundies, Stupid

Wow! Bullshit creates a total and impenetrable, moronic stupor if doled out by a moronic hypocrite. Those poor poor people. This expose of Ted Haggard by Richard Hawkins is a must-see. And Dear God, if Hawkins is being arrogant, may I please have some of that too?

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Possum said...

Christian dogwalking? What the hell is Christian dogwalking?

I love looking at these white bread right-wingers and I rejoice at the thought that they're trying NOT to think about Pastor Ted snorting meth off the nude back of a heavily muscled gay hooker! Man, that's got to be hard to take for these 75-IQ buffoons waddling around looking for giant savings on tubs of mayonnaise.