Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kobb Kounty Krowes

Hey Cobb County -- Chris Robinson's back on the market! Talk about your dubious achievements. Now that Robinson's served papers (scroll down) on his hoochie-coochie, double-dipping young wife, Kate Hudson, and asked for joint custody, that puts him back in the universal dating pool.

Ah... the White Dot days in the ATLanta when Robinson of Mayretta, Jawja was just a total bum in Mr. Crowes Garden, a band that was not very cool, but they sure liked to party. I confess to digging Chris' clothes, particularly those tight yum-yum pants. Yeah, I'd go on a playdate, kids in tow, with him. And why not.

Rick Rubin once wanted to change the name of the band to the Kobb Kounty Krowes, according to the always-dubious Wikipedia. Stupidity knows no boundaries in the music industry. The fact alone that Chris, etc. refused to go along with such idiocy is reason enough to date him.

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