Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Could I Be A (Closeted) Southern Baptist?

A WASPy Episcopalian nightmare I must admit. But let's not forget the pretty, sparkly Magic Dust that gets sprinkled on our heads when anyone seriously thinks about running cultists (Mormons) for positions of the highest global proportions.

In all Spacey fairness, one of my favorite families in my 'hood is Mormon. They sure don't seem cult-y, just cool and smart and sensible. Their kids are the brightest of the lot, too. I'm not going about looking at undergarments though, that's fer sure. Just don't need to go there. No one does, come to think about it.

The boys over at Political Insider have some bizarre reminders about all that Mitt stuff here.

Other news... what a priceless line from that cranky-hilarious Peachtree Screed:
The government calls it the War on Drugs because it knows Americans are attracted to the word "War" the way primitive people are drawn to shiny trinkets.

To think I have an entire closet devoted to accessories alone! Are you ready for your dose of Jesus Dust?! Can I get it in a pale dove-grey pashmina?

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