Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Welcome All New Readers, I Gotta Run

Delighted to have any new visitors to The Spacey Gracey Review. If you flame on a vicious personal level though, you'll just be deleted. Those are my rules as this is my blog. Feel free to start your own blog and do what the heck you wish with that thang. Thanks Mouth of The South #2 (Ted's really #1) for mentioning the blog on your show yesterday. I'm delighted to, uh, "meet" some of your totally wacko listener-base. Whew! What a day it was...

Blogging today will be very lite as it's Value Village Once-A-Month-Wednesday, when all clothing is half-price. So naturally enough, I gotta go shop. If you don't get there early enough, the Hispanic ladies will have taken all the carts. Those women are some very wily shoppers.

My two-cents: never trust a fashionista who doesn't incorporate thrifting into her life. She wouldn't be real. In the meantime, be sure to browse an array of delightful topics to your right. Something for everyone! Or take a broadband bounce on over to my vlog, TrueGritz.

Quick tech note, the DVD kiosk rental throw down moves to ATLanta Wal-Marts.

A sad note... Atlanta fireman Steve Solomon has died of his injuries. Thank you Steve for your bravery and strength and devotion to the community's safety. Read more here about this and how you can support the family he left behind. And thank you Captain Keith here in the 'hood for updating our neighborhood discussion board about Solomon's condition over the past week, and bringing him closer to us that way. Because you cared enough to communicate, Steve was in our hearts and thoughts and prayers all the while.

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