Monday, November 27, 2006

Feminists Line Up To Blow Boortz

Listen up Ladies... right now WSB Radio lipflapper, Neal Boortz, is going OFF about the idiot wacko President Bush appointed to be the head of family-planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services. Yeah, the same federal appointee who's grasp of science is limited to statements about birth control being "demeaning to women." Yes, this idiot wacko, Eric Keroack, was anointed by W to rule not the Dept. of UFO Sightings, where he'd have been right at home, but our reproductive health. Un-f-ing-believable.

We should support all WBS Radio advertisers for this hour in return for Boortz spreading the word, like no one else can, about Idiots Amongst Us.

UPDATE: If you're looking for "the line," it came directly from the Washington Post Online link. That's why there's a link. To link to. See above. So click your own self into a frenzy of research. One must assume the WP got the line off of the anti-choice organization's site.

I'm looking for it now on the site, but there are so many hysterical, and hysterically funny, nonsensical "lines" all through it that I'm getting seriously distracted. UPDATE: Found it. It's on page 2 of this PDF, top paragraph. (Thanks WP dude.)

My personal fave so far though is on this similar site: "Memories from past relationships can cause jealousy, competition, anger and hurt. "

Ya don't say!!! Memories are some seriously heavy shit, eh?! Alert the media! Ooops... YOU are the media now. So alert your own broadbanded self and read all the goon-babble you care to here. I gotta go blog...

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Don't forget to mark your calendars now for National Blog Drunk Day! And if anyone is still looking for the source of any other kinda "lines," I'm practicing abstinence (obstinance?) this week (not to be confused with absinthe, which would be more my usual MO). Unless George Clooney shows-up with a bottle of Pernod in hand. Then all bets, and clothes, would naturally be immediately off.

UPDATE FOR THE LAST TIME: Don't forget to go have yourself a slice of TrueGritz fun on your way outta here.


Anonymous said...

Has Neal found this line yet? You might want to include directions.

Grayson said...

FYI... all of you leaving anonymous comments, don't be so cock-sure of yourselves. Anonymous and the Internet, at least with my tracking software, is about like saying Bush and Awesome Leader in the same breath.

I'm gonna tell your boss on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the moralistic prigs who've showed up to heap abuse here.

If y'all don't like pop culture, turn off your damn televisions and spend some time getting to know your daughters. The last time I checked, 12 and 13 year-old girls are not issued credit cards, so if you don't like the way they're dressed, look at the parents, not the kids.

Some people, it seems, would walk a mile in bare feet over broken glass to avoid taking responsibility for their own parenting screw-ups.

wheelieguy said...

I agree that this bozo is a bigger clown than Bozo himself. Stating that condoms aren't effective in the transferrence of STD's, that the use of birth control is demeaning to women and degrading of human sexuality, and pre marital sex will cause a man and woman to not bond when married. What a bunch of bull malarkey! While I regret now having premarital sex with my wife and other girls prior to her (I say girls because there wasn't any one of them responsible enough to be women nor was I responsible enough to be called a man either), it is ludacras to think that people cannot bond if they engage in such an act. My wife and I dated seven months after meeting on a blind date, only to find out on that date, we had met almost two years before and never followed through on that first meeting. We have been married now for almost seventeen years. Don't tell me men and women cannot bond after premarital sex. That analagy does not hold water, at least not in most cases.

Amber said...

Y'know, I've noticed a trend with anonymous commenters...

That's all I'm sayin'. You can figure out the rest.

Word verification says: aspormv. Fuck yeah right.

Amber said...

Ha, and they continue to prove my point! See, I didn't even have to say anything.

Too damn funny.

You can find The Money Quote here:

Shall we take bets as to whether the "crisis pregnancy center's" web site has removed the quote after the bad publicity?

Grayson said...

Oh I just went changed those settings Amber. Boortz sure attracts a lot of weirdos. Like I'd know a thing about being a weirdo!

And I just deleted all the comments I didn't like. I sure don't want to look at 'em, so why would anyone else?

But to the Anonymous person who said the link was wrong... it was. Thanks for the heads-up. I've made the appropriate corrections.

stynes said...

You're welcome for the updated link. This time I guess I won't post anonymously :)

jstn said...

I am neither a feminist nor a fundamental christian woman, but use of expletives to get a point across only serves to make women in general look uneducated and hysterical, which is exactly what conservative talk show hosts like boortz feed on. use morefacts and less feeling, you will be more readily heard by more people in general, not just feminists. fyi

Amber said...

use of expletives to get a point across only serves to make women in general look uneducated and hysterical

I am making that my new header quote.

(Fuckin' A.)

Grayson said...

Stop me before I fuck again!!!

Amber said...

Stop me before I fuck again!!!

Speak for yourself, lady.

Grayson said...

Whatever you do, do NOT stop me before I come again.