Monday, November 27, 2006

Still Leaderless After All These Years

Even Democrats can't seem to be able to find a leader in the jumbled haystack of the Democratic Party, given that only 14% of liberal Democrats, as opposed to the more centrist ones, even name Howard Dean as the party's actual leader. (Dean is Chairman, not Clinton or Pelosi.) Talk about stumbling into victory...

From a recent Pew Research Center poll:
There is little party divide over perceptions of the Democratic leadership. ­ Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are mentioned most frequently by Republicans, Democrats and independents. But within the Democratic Party, liberals and conservatives take a somewhat different view.

Among liberal Democrats, 14% cite Howard Dean as the party's leader, on par with the percentage who cite Clinton (14%) and Pelosi (13%). But just 2% of moderate and conservative Democrats name Dean, while 14% name Clinton and 9% name Pelosi. No other leader stands out in the minds of moderate and conservative Democrats; most are unable to name anyone as the party's leader these days.

But remember, Americans are so savvy and clued-in that surely Karl (who?) Rove is beloved in the heartland... sure.

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