Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fairy Tale

I admit to following every juicy bit of dirt on Atlanta's Sara Blakely, since her life plays out like a modern fairy tale. I'm sure most of it is just a lot of plain hard work, with moments not too far removed from those of us mere mortals. Of course, the continuous shower of glowing notices that rave about her glorious existence are bound to afflict the "common" reader with a momentary pang or two of pure envy and wistfulness.

And yes, for those with lives that seem to play out like a series of hard knocks rather than boundless global opportunity, we always wish (and work towards, in every way we possibly can) for our daughters an entrepreneurial fairy tale just like Sara's.

Oddly enough, as I'm out and about on this town more often than not, I've never met the luminous Ms. Blakely. But fleeting twinges of pea-green aside, I certainly hope our paths cross one day. You gotta love a gal who's marrying a dashing younger man obviously in possession of enough delightful vision and zest for life, and for women, to say that he sought a partner who would be "challenging on all levels."

Let's toast the engagement and the happiness of this delightful Atlanta woman all around, and may her success and joie de vie sprinkle down and inspire us even more.