Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sick and Tired of Being Pushed Around

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin does not forget who dug the well she drinks from. And she told a room full of aging white suits, in no uncertain terms, today at the Commerce Club just that.

Peachtree Screed blogs it first, with an excerpt here:
A furious Mayor Shirley Franklin took off the gloves today in defending her reasons for taking part in the controversial ads for Fulton County Commission Chairman-elect John Eaves.

Franklin, Congressman John Lewis and former Mayor Andrew Young all made ads for Eaves.

The ads have gotten national attention, especially from right-wing talk show hosts -- who always ignore the attack ads aired by their fellow right-wing politicians. I didn't like the ad Lewis did because Eaves' opponent, Lee Morris, is a good guy I've known for many years.

Full story here.

And yeah, PeachScree, I get around this here town. So I can blog it all, of course.

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