Friday, January 26, 2007

About Time

Earthlink is Wi-Fi-ing Atlanta! Hell yeah. 'Bout time since they are the home team. Then again, as most of us have had to, at some point in time, hoe that same long, grueling City of Atlanta-business-dealings row, I can feel their pain through the line. (Payback is hell.)

So fuck you, AT&T... just wish I could have had a chance to say "fuck you" to Bellsouth a little louder. Saying it to AT&T just doesn't have the same umph. Still, I'll be canceling my now-AT&T DSL line-in as soon as I see a Wi-Fi cell go up near me! Praise Jesus, and a big strong fem Purse Slam to AT&T.

Now if we could just dig-up all that cruddy-ass DSL and get Earthlink to lay us down some good strong fiber optic instead. Sure! When Bellsouth/AT&T just recalls all their lobbyista and hands over the Legislature/Congress back to us, the people, on the silver platter we shareholder (Bellsouth) idiots gave them in the first place. More on that scam here.

I say renew our efforts in Iraq in a big way -- send all lobbyistas and their corporate-plantation masters over there instead of soldiers. We need the soldiers here to protect us from the Psycho Christian Right anyways.

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