Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jesus Died For Ugly Bobby's Sins, Not Mine

Just when you think you can tolerate men again, maybe just possibly maybe, then one of 'em goes and writes utter shite like this. This time about that dearly beloved space biscuit, Patti Smith, who, admittedly, is a total bat-brain from freakin' suburban New Jersey. She changed a lot of women though. Changed 'em up at least. Shook 'em the fuck up, and all over the freakin' world too, thank you very much. Permanently. For life. Hell yeah.

Fuck you, Ugly Bobby. You are more full of utter wordshit than even DTL.

If we could cast votes in someone's honor, kinda like sending a donation to a charity in lieu of just lovely flowers when someone dies of some weird kinda cancer, I'd vote for Hillary in the primary in DTL's name just for a cheap giggle.

And the gender wars commence all over again... sigh.

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